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How to Help Homeless Veterans I had nothing, not only did your organization make sure I had a roof over my head but also a bed to lay my head on. No stone or need was left unattended. Even down to soap so that I was able to take a hot bath. My case worker is an awesome woman who loves her job and does it to the best of her ability. She continually reassured me I was going to be alright and though she didn’t promise me anything, she did everything possible to make me feel safe and confident that Operation Renewed Hope had my best interest at heart and I was not alone. She didn’t make me feel like a homeless person, she made me feel like I mattered and for that too I am grateful. See the latest news Welcome to Operation Renewed Hope Foundation

Operation Renewed Hope is Ending Veteran homelessness.

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We've assisted thousands of

Veterans and their families.

Each year, Operation Renewed Hope Foundation helps more than a hundred Veterans and their families in the DC metro area who are experiencing homelessness.
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Ending Veteran homelessness!

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ORHF Ending Veteran homelessness

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