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Operation Renewed Hope Foundation relies heavily on donations of money, goods and services from individuals and organizations like you!  Join ORHF in the battle to break the cycle of Veteran homelessness.

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Operation Renewed Hope Foundation is committed to breaking the cycle of Veteran homelessness. Every contribution counts and there are several ways for you to help!

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Veterans Homeless Fact Sheet

HUD estimates that more than 19,750 Veterans experienced homelessness on a given night in January 2021.
Additionally, another 1.4 million Veterans are considered at risk of homelessness due to poverty, lack of support networks, and insufficient housing.
Veterans comprise about 8% of the adult homeless population.
HUD estimates that there are about 320 homeless Veterans in the Washington metropolitan area*

See U.S. Housing and Urban Development, 2021 Anual Housing Assessment Report (AHAR)

*Per 2020-2021 Point-In-Time (PIT) Counts by CoC. Please note: most homeless service providers believe PIT numbers are low because it’s extremely difficult to count unsheltered homeless people.

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