Operation Renewed Hope Foundation Services

If you’re a Veteran experiencing homelessness, Operation Renewed Hope Foundation will work with you and help you get the support and services you need.

Are you a veteran experiencing or at risk of homelessness?
Call ORHF at 703-887-8117
Want the Veterans First Screening Hotline?
Call 202-658-9599
Homeless Veteran & need a doctor or psychiatrist?
Call ORHF at 703-887-8117
Need of housing or would like to apply for placement?
Call ORHF at 703-887-8117
Looking for a job so that you can afford housing?
AimHire at 202-248-0496
Are you 17 to 29 years old and experiencing or at risk of homelessness?
Call Before Thirty at 202-364-1419

Veteran Supportive Services

Other Resources

If you need shelter tonight, please call the DC Shelter Hotline at 800.535.7252. The Hotline will direct you to an overnight shelter. If it’s below 32 degrees outside, they will send a van to pick you up and take you to a shelter. Operation Renewed Hope Foundation does not operate any overnight shelters.

If you’re looking for subsidized housing with no case management, see the Affordable Housing Resources section of DC’s Coordinated Entry System Resource Manual.

For a listing of services and resources at other agencies in DC – Housing, Employment, Health Care, Recovery, Legal, Domestic Violence, Meals and Food, Literacy.
– see DC’s Coordinated Entry System Resource Manual.

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